Age of Empires 4 Best Civilizations Tier List: All Factions Ranked

The Age of Empires series is a strategy game set in the early 19th century where players take control over one of six civilizations and compete with each other to build settlements, gather resources, develop technologies and conquer their opponents. The best civilization will triumph as they attempt to be the first player to dominate 4 out of 5 different nations on Earth.

The Age of Empires 4 Civilizations Tier List is a comprehensive list of all factions in the game, ranking their capabilities from best to worst. With three different civilizations and multiple units for each faction, there’s a lot to consider when it comes to choosing which civilization you want your empire to be based around.With the release of Age of Empires 4, players are scrambling to figure out which civs they should try. This article ranks all factions in an attempt to help you decide which is best for your playstyle.

The “age of empires 4 tier list” is a blog post that ranks all the civilizations in Age of Empires 4. It also includes the best factions for each civilization.

Empires’ Age 4 civilizations are more asymmetrical than those seen in earlier iterations of the series. Mongols, French, English, Rus, Abbasid Dynasty, Holy Roman Empire, Chinese, and Delhi Sultanate are the eight nationalities available at launch. A civilizations tier list seems to be in order.

Each group, as you would assume, has its own set of benefits and advantages. Which civilizations, though, are the best? The following is a list of our tiers.

Civilizations of the S-Tier

The Mongols are a people who live in Mongolia.


The Mongols are without a doubt one of the strongest civilizations in Age of Empires 4, but they’re also one of the most difficult to master.

This nation’s greatest strength is its ability to pick up and relocate its base at anytime, making them a highly unpredictable opponent in every battle, whether online or against AI forces.

The Mongols can be practically invincible if you can effectively command a hit-and-run approach. Splintering your town is also an option, since it allows you to flank rival civilizations from several directions. It also aids you in avoiding defeat if your main base is attacked.

Add in the fact that the Mongols have the largest population right away, and you won’t have to squander wood on housing construction. 

The Mongols have one of the finest early economies in Age of Empires 4 since the Ovoo can dig stone on its own, freeing up peasants to collect other resources. This is a capability that none of the other civilizations have. 

The French are a country with a long history


The French are the finest because of their lethal military forces and how simple they are to learn and play. Playing as this civilization provides some of the strongest perks across the board, and if you’re seeking for military power, there’s no better option.

When Stables and Archery Ranges are near to a Keep, the French have a special influence mechanism that enables them to create soldiers at a faster pace. This is helpful in constructing an early army, as well as aiding the French civilization’s particular commerce mechanisms.

This is the only civilization in Age of Empires 4 and on this tier list that has the ability to choose which resources merchants bring back to base, giving players a great deal of control over resource management. Furthermore, as you go through the eras, the Town Center creates units quicker, providing the French a major edge in terms of economy-building.

When you include in the French’s powerful cavalry and research benefits, they’re one of the finest civilizations for any rookie or experienced player. 

Civilizations of the A-Tier

The English have a unique way of expressing themselves


In Age of Empires 4, the English are the most “simple” and balanced civilization, which isn’t always a negative thing. This group has no gimmicks, but its perks include improved range in the longbowmen unit and incredibly strong defense in reinforced walls. Both make capturing English bases a difficult task. 

The English are now the greatest turtle faction because to the Network of Castles ability, which increases the assault speed of important structures like Keeps and Town Centers by 25%. 

The English also have wonderful Landmarks to boost their defensive capabilities, as well as the ability to establish Farms for a lower cost of wood. Farms created inside the yellow footprint of Mills also earn a boost to food gathering speed, making food gathering simpler and more efficient than for other civilizations.

The Rus


The Rus may be a difficult civilization to establish, but by the conclusion of any match, they can easily be one of the most powerful. It’s critical to take use of the Rus’ Bounty mechanics if you’re playing as them.

The more animals you kill, the better your civ becomes. The pace of food collecting and the automatic revenue from Hunting Cabins both increase as Bounty increases.

The Rus civilisation also has a few special troops that may help them out. The Warrior Monk is a good cavalry unit with the ability to heal and boost friends as its main strength. The Streltsy is a powerful distant gunpowder unit that can also fight close quarters.

The Russians flourish in the late game with upgrades like Chemistry, which boosts gunpowder unit damage by 20%, and Biology, which raises cavalry health by 20%, so if you play them, progress and age up rapidly. 

The Abbasid Dynasty (Arabic:


The Abbasid Dynasty is one of those civilizations that prides itself on its anti-cavalry camel forces, forcing opponents to rethink their strategy in favor of men-at-arms, archers, and spearmen. They also feature the game’s most unusual ageing system, with progress centered on the House of Wisdom.

The Abbasid Dynasty is a civilisation that develops the House of Wisdom, adding wings to it every epoch, rather than creating new Landmarks for each era. The resource collecting, unit generation, and research boosts provided by these wings are distinct.

It’s worth noting that these improvements to the House of Wisdom don’t need villagers; instead, you just click them in a menu as you would any other technology or troop. This frees you up to concentrate on other vital constructions and resource collecting.

The Abbasid Dynasty takes some practice to master, but once you understand its unique troops and House of Wisdom improvements, it’s a force to be reckoned with. 

Civilizations of the Second Tier

The Holy Roman Empire was a dynasty that ruled


The Holy Roman Empire was a civilisation devoted nearly entirely to religion. When you play as this group, you must immediately concentrate on obtaining relics and increasing your religious strength.

Relics kept in towers or outposts may improve this civilization’s defense, range, and attack values, while relics kept in docks can raise the assault speed of all ships, bolstering an already strong naval presence.

The Prelate is a unique unit that must be utilized wisely since it may increase villagers’ production. 

The Holy Roman Empire’s main flaw is its emphasis on defense and relics, which may leave it wanting in other areas. 

Civilizations of the C-Tier 

The Chinese are a fascinating people.


The Chinese are a particularly difficult civilisation to play, owing to their excessive dependence on wealth. This civ has access to a lot of research, but the way technologies and Landmarks interact with this faction’s unique Dynasty structure may be confusing.

Players must construct both of the available Landmarks for the next Age (or Dynasty) in order to proceed to the next Age (or Dynasty). Unfortunately, progressing to the next Dynasty also locks out all of the previous Dynasty’s research. 

The Chinese are the most skilled civilizations when it comes to collecting gold. With the Imperial Official unit, they can not only mine the resource, but they can also harvest it passively from base constructions. The trouble is that there’s a lot of stuff you can buy with gold.

One may argue that the Chinese are the finest slow-burn civilization in Age of Empires 4, yet their aggressive playstyle puts them at a disadvantage against more aggressive rivals that can progress quicker.

The Chinese may develop into a superpower in team games if they have the opportunity to expand while being protected by another partner country. This faction is a tough sell for single-player combat unless you have a firm grasp of the civilization’s complexities. 

Sultanate of Delhi


The Delhi Sultanate is another difficult-to-understand Age of Empires 4 civilisation. This is mostly due to the fact that crucial choices must be made early in matches in order for the Sultanate to thrive in the late game.

When playing as the Delhi Sultanate, there are no research charges, but this comes at a cost: it takes longer to study all technologies. The usage of Scholars may speed up the process, although this does not compensate for the faction’s poor progress when compared to other factions.

Infantry troops may build defensive fortifications to (partially) compensate for this, which helps keep opponents at away but also makes you a lot more vulnerable turtle than the English. They are easily overwhelmed by other countries.

When you consider that the War Elephant, The Delhi Sultanate’s most powerful and distinctive unit, isn’t obtained until late in the game, you’ll need to practice with this civilization to come up with plausible winning plans.

That concludes our tier list for Age of Empires 4 civilizations. Of course, depending on your playstyle, certain factions and countries may score higher or lower. Check out our Age of Empires 4 guides site for even more advice and assistance. 

The “age of empires 4 french build order” is a list of the best civilizations in Age of Empires 4. It ranks all factions from 1 to 10, and includes a detailed description of why each faction was ranked where it was.

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