Amazon’s game studio VP talks about New World’s launch and the company’s vision for future releases

In a recent interview, Amazon’s Vice President of New World Platforms talks about how the company’s vision for future releases. He states that mixed reality gaming will be key to their success and that they have been working to create games where players can “influence the world.”

The “new world release date” is the game that was released on November 15, 2018. New World was developed by Amazon’s game studio and it has been praised for its unique gameplay.


With Amazon Games’ prior initiatives, Christoph Hartmann, Amazon’s vice president of games studios, has seen a lot of false starts and stumbles, but with New World’s overall success, he’s feeling a little more secure but still ready to continue ahead. That’s the gist of a recent interview with NME, in which he discusses Amazon’s success thus far and what it aims to do next.

The company’s choice to halt release and polish New World, according to Hartmann, is the most important learned from earlier failures like Crucible, and it’s paying off.

“We haven’t had many complaints about the game so yet.” Our Steam reviews may be found here. They were excellent at first, but as the line length lengthened, they deteriorated. Now that it’s more or less fixed, they’ve returned to being excellent, so I think people are still having fun.”

Of course, this comment and the larger debate disregard the game’s present troubles, but it does point out that Amazon is in it for the long term, with plans to fund New World’s growth via more cosmetics and one-time expansion pack purchases that promise game-changing new drops.

The interview goes on to discuss Amazon’s larger gaming ambitions, including its three studios in Irvine, San Diego, and Montreal, publishing ambitions, and Project Ignite, which aims to find “very young or new developers who are very creative – who want to be disruptive – think outside the box” and put Amazon’s massive financial backing behind them.

However, it seems that developing fewer games but making them as good as possible is the overarching approach. “I feel that producing fewer games is preferable, and that each game should be totally concentrated, and that a game should only be released when it is ready,” adds Hartmann. “I learnt and watched that from Sam Houser, who oversaw all of the development at Rockstar, where I also worked. “I’d rather have fewer games that are extremely enormous, and just ship them when they’re ready,” he said.


New World is the new game studio from Amazon. They have released their first title, “New World Classes”. The company’s VP talks about the launch and future releases. Reference: new world classes.

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