Best Killers to level first in Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight is a game with no rules, both in gameplay and lore. Players can choose to play as either the Killer or Survivor, setting up some tense confrontations that are sure to produce adrenaline rushes. The characters have their own unique weapons which help them kill each other faster than ever before! This article will discuss how best to level first in Dead by Daylight so you can get ahead of your competition early on!.

The “best killers to level up dbd” is a difficult question that requires the user to know the mechanics of Dead by Daylight. The best way for users to find out what levels they need to kill, is to watch some videos on YouTube and see how people are playing.

It’s difficult to decide who to level first in Dead by Daylight since there are so many Killers to select from. Killers vary from Survivors in that they each have a unique power in addition to their benefits. Furthermore, bonuses are significantly more important for Killers. You will battle against Survivors if you do not have access to excellent perks. I’ll go through which Killers you should level first in order to get their useful special abilities. I’ll explain how each perk benefits different playstyles so you can decide who to level according on your preferences.  


I strongly advise you to level Leatherface first, regardless of your playstyle. This is due to his one-of-a-kind combination of BBQ and Chili. At level 35, the teachable form of this perk shows on his Bloodweb. The following is how it works: 

“After catching a Survivor, while they are more than 40 meters away from the hook, all other Survivors’ auras are displayed to you for 4 seconds.” Gain a 25% stacking boost to all Bloodpoint gains each time a Survivor is hooked for the first time, up to a maximum of 50/75/100 percent. The extra Bloodpoints are only given after the trial.” 

Bloodpoints are far simpler to get by on Killer than they are on Survivor. You may start collecting Bloodpoints with BBQ and Chili to unlock all of the bonuses you desire. You get the most out of each Survivor, be sure to hook them at least once.


Franklin’s Demise is another excellent perk since it works best against Survivor goods. At level 40, Leatherface’s Bloodweb has a teachable version of Franklin’s Demise. The following is how it works: 

“On hit, your violent assaults cause Survivors to lose their object.” If the item is not picked up while on the ground, it may lose all of its charges in as little as 150/120/90 seconds. With a white aura, reveal things on the ground within 32 meters. The Aura will fade to crimson when the item’s charges are depleted.” 

You may use Franklin’s Demise to make Survivors dump their bothersome goods. Survivors will squander time later when they return to seek for their item as a result of this.



This Killer is suitable for both chasing and generator delay playstyles. Bamboozle is his first unique perk, and it’s a terrific benefit for chase setups. At level 30, the teachable form of this perk shows on his Bloodweb. The following is how it works: 

“Your vault speed has increased by 5/10/15 percent. When you perform a vault action, the Entity will lock down that vault location for 8/12/16 seconds. At any one moment, only one vault site may be restricted in this manner. Only Survivors have access to the vault location. Pallets are unaffected.” 

Bamboozle allows you to swiftly shut off strong window loops. Survivors, particularly those who aren’t paying attention, will be caught off surprise by this. Many times, I’ve blocked windows just to have a Survivor return to that window for a pleasant surprise. It may also push Survivors to utilize pallets sooner than they would want, therefore removing the pallet from the game sooner.

Bamboozle shines most in Killer Shack, one of Survivors’ most intense looping areas.


Pop Goes the Weasel is the Clown’s next valuable perk. At level 40, the teachable form of this perk shows on his Bloodweb. The following is how it works: 

“After hooking a Survivor, the next generator you damage loses 25% of its progress right away.” After the Damage Generator operation, the normal generator regression kicks in. After the Damage Generator operation, the normal generator regression kicks in. After the Survivor is hooked, Pop Goes the Weasel is active for 35/40/45 seconds.” 

One of the best generator delay bonuses is Pop Goes the Weasel. It’s easier to keep the pressure up if you’re getting hooks all the time as Killer. To utilize Pop Goes the Weasel efficiently, you’ll need to know which generators the Survivors are attempting to finish, since kicking generators with low progress won’t assist you much.



Hillbilly’s perks are all useful for pursuit and generator delay setups, and one of them is particularly effective against Survivors with torches. Enduring is his first one-of-a-kind perk. At level 30, the teachable form of this perk shows on his Bloodweb. The following is how it works: 

“You’ve cut the length of pallet stuns by 40%, 45, and 50%.” 

Enduring drastically reduces the amount of time it takes to be stunned. When you don’t have to break pallets, you can catch up to Survivors quicker. It also enables you to profit on Survivor’s errors. Enduring is best used in conjunction with the Spirit’s special benefit Spirit Fury, which I will discuss next.


Hillbilly’s next perk is Lightborn. At level 35, the teachable version emerges on his Bloodweb. The following is how it works: 

“Flashlights, firecrackers, flashbangs, and blast mines do not cause you to become blind. Auras are exposed for 6/8/10 seconds for survivors who seek to blind you. 

Lightborn gives you the ability to fully disregard Survivors who are attempting to blind you. You may equip Lightborn to thwart their plot if you spot a bunch of flashlights in the lobby.


Hillbilly’s next perk is Tinker. At level 40, he has a teachable version of this benefit on his Blooweb. The following is how it works: 

“A loud noice notice is triggered when a generator is repaired to 70% repair progress, and you are awarded the Undetectable status effect for 12/14/16 seconds.” 

Killers may use Tinkerer to surprise Survivors who are working on a generator. It’s best employed on quick Killers since you never know whether a generator will be nearby or across the map. Hillbilly, Blight, and Nurse are among examples.



If you wish to employ a chase build, you need first level Spirit, since her perk Spirit Fury is crucial. At level 30, the teachable perk emerges on her Bloodweb. The following is how it works: 

“After destroying 4/3/2 pallets, the Entity will automatically break the pallet the following time you are shocked by one. The stun effect still has an impact on you.” 

It’s crucial to understand that Spirit Fury by itself isn’t very useful since you’ll remain stunned for too long. To be useful, Spirit Fury must be used in conjunction with Enduring. Endurance with Spirit Fury will catch Survivors off surprise and give them little time to recover distance after tossing a pallet, shortening your pursuit. If Spirit Fury is active, just make sure you don’t shatter any pallets you don’t have to.


Michael Myers is a fictional character.  

For basic attack Killers, Michael Myers has a powerful bonus. Save the Best for Last is a teachable perk that emerges on his Bloodweb after he reaches level 30. The following is how it works: 

“Earn a token for every successful basic attack that does not cause damage to the Obsession.” You may earn up to 8 tokens, each of which offers a 5% reduction in successful basic attack cooldown. When you hit your Obsession with a basic attack, you lose 4/3/2 tokens. If your Obsession is sacrificed or slain, you will no longer be able to acquire tokens.” 

Keep the best for last. Last aids in reducing the amount of time spent in the blood wipe animation. It’s a benefit that becomes greater as the pressure in a game rises. As Survivors struggle against your quick recovery speed, this enables you to snowball your way to victory.

You just need to be aware of who your Obsession is in order to avoid losing stacks. When you have a large stack of Obsession, you may intentionally sacrifice it to retain it forever.



Plague is a fantastic choice for a generator delay setup and for tracking down Survivors. Her first perk, Corrupt Intervention, is a teachable perk that emerges on her Bloodweb after she reaches level 30. The following is how it works:  

“At the start of the trial, the Entity blocks the three generators closest to you for 80/100/120 seconds. Survivors will not be able to fix these generators for the duration of the event. A white glow surrounds the affected generators.” 

Corrupt Intervention is useful for putting generators on hold. At the start of the game, it pushes Survivors to visit various generators. It also means you’ll have less generators to patrol, which means you’ll be able to discover Survivors quicker.


Her next important perk is Infectious Fright, which is a teachable perk that emerges on her Bloodweb at level 35. The following is how it works:   

“Any Survivors inside your Terror Radius will shout and betray their position to you for 4/5/6 seconds as another Survivor is thrown into the dying condition.” 

Because it provides you with knowledge about Survivor sites, Infectious Fright is a valuable benefit. If you notice a number other Survivors around, you may slug to attempt to take them out as well, or at the very least hurt a few of them before hooking the Survivor. You can hook a Survivor for free if you down a Survivor and get no alerts.



If you want to develop a generator delay build, Hag is another Killer you may level. If you can keep up the pressure, her perk Hex: Ruin is quite effective in regressing generators. At level 35, the teachable perk appears on her Bloodweb. The following is how it works: 

“While a generator is not being repaired by a Survivor, it will regress repair progress at 100/150/200 percent of normal regression speed.” 

Hex: Ruin, like all other Hex perks, comes with a significant danger component. This is because you never know when your Hex Totem may be discovered by Survivors. If the Survivors are unable to locate it, though, Hex: Ruin will be very strong.

The more pressure you apply to Hex: Ruin, the more powerful it grows. Survivors must choose between performing generators and assisting their team as they race to rescue and heal. The generators will continually regress if they assist their team.



The advantage of the Blight Undying is necessary for the protection of Hex Totems. At level 40, the teachable perk appears on his Bloodweb. The following is how it works: 

“Survivors within 2/3/4 meters of any Dull Totem have their aura displayed while Hex: Undying is active. The Hex of another Hex Totem is transferred to the Hex: Undying Totem when that Totem is cleaned, deactivating Hex: Undying. “Any tokens that the transferred Hex possessed are also transferred.” 

Hex: Undying allows you to keep your valuable Hex perks in the game. If the Survivors cleanse Hex: Undying first, it will not be able to preserve one of your Hex benefits, but it will still waste the Survivors’ time since they will have to find another Hex Totem. As a result, it has fewer drawbacks than other Hex bonuses.


In Dead by Daylight, these are the Killers you should level first. These perks will allow you to create a variety of constructions to aid in the sacrifice of Survivors.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and stay tuned for more Dead by Daylight tips!

The “how to level up killers fast in dead by daylight” is a guide that will help you find the best killers to level first.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the best killer for beginners in dead by daylight?

A: Im sorry but the best killer for beginners in Dead by Daylight is not clear.

What order should I level killers in DBD?

A: It is recommended that you continue to level up your killers until you reach the point in which they are all at their maximum power.

What is the best killer in Dead by Daylight 2021?

A: The best killer in Dead by Daylight 2021 is the Nurse.

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