How to Farm Parralax Trajectory in Destiny 2 Season of the Lost

Destiny 2 Season of the Lost is a new game mode that has players fighting through the halls of an ancient temple. Players must use their wits and skill to work their way through this labyrinthine structure in order to find the hidden entrance to the Vault of Glass.

Parallax is an optical illusion that makes it look like something moves when in fact nothing is moving. In Destiny 2, there are several locations where players can farm parallax to sell for Glimmer or use to create a shader.

Season of the Lost in Destiny 2 introduces a slew of new activities, armor, and other goodies to hunt for. You’ll need Parralax Trajectory, this season’s money, to get your hands on the finest of it. But how do you go about getting it? 

Thankfully, Parallax Trajectory isn’t difficult to get, since it follows the same trend as other currencies from past seasons. Bungie has taken previous seasonal models and tweaked them for their last appearance in Year 4, so there are a few quirks this time.

Every opponent you kill, regardless of where you kill them, has a modest chance of giving you three units. On completion of most tasks, you will get a prize.

In Season of the Lost, Strikes is your greatest chance for harvesting Parralax Trajectory. Vanguard Strikes provide 150 Trajectory in addition to all the opportunities you’ll have to acquire it by killing opponents. For longer Strikes with high opponent density, you may be able to get 200 Trajectory or more with minimal effort.

Your second-best choices are Crucible and Gambit, both of which reward 100 Parralax Trajectory each completion regardless of whether you win or lose. Guardian kills aren’t worth any more money than normal opponent kills, so Crucible isn’t the best option unless you can sweep PvP games in a matter of minutes.

Public events are an excellent third-string option since they reward 75 for completing a non-Heroic event and 88 for completing a Heroic event. You could definitely earn more than grinding Strikes if you don’t mind hopping around the system performing the same Public Events you’ve been doing for years, but it’ll become old quicker.

The open-world choices aren’t as plentiful. Regular Lost Sectors and Patrols offer you nothing, and even Legendary Lost Sectors only give you three bits when you finish them.

Where Should You Put Your Parralax Trajectory?

Warlock in a white/beige armor set and helmet with purple visor holds a pulse rifle.

You may spend your seasonal money in one of three places:

  1. At the H.E.L.M., we’re focusing on umbral engrams.
  2. Adding to your Wayfinder’s capabilities
  3. At the conclusion of Astral Alignment, open the treasure chest.

It’s worth noting that the Astral Alignment action doesn’t provide you any Parralax Trajectory. Instead, you’ll need 150 units to access the seasonal gear chest at the conclusion of the action.

Your main sinks will be Umbral Engrams and Wayfinder upgrades, since a non-focused Engram costs 150 units and goes up rapidly from there. On the first track, Wayfinder unlocks range from 400 to at least 600, implying that you’ll need tens of thousands of dollars to complete the game.

That’s all there is to it when it comes to locating and mining Parralax Trajectory in Destiny 2. We’ll have more Season of Lost coverage coming soon, so stay tuned.

Destiny 2’s Season of the Lost is a time where players can farm new items and gear. One way to do this is by parallaxing trajectories. This guide will teach you how to farm them in-game. Reference: destiny 2 parallax trajectory farm reddit.

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