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It meant two things to play alongside Michael Jordan. For starters, you’d be almost certain to play for a title each season. Second, MJ would expect nothing less than perfection from you.

Jordan instilled terror in the hearts of numerous players over the course of 15 seasons, even those on his own squad. In fact, just after he was selected, one of his Chicago Bulls teammates was terrified of him.

Michael Jordan rose to prominence early in his career.

Jordan, a 6-foot-6 guard from North Carolina, didn’t take long to light up the NBA. Jordan won Rookie of the Year honors as the third overall selection in the 1984 NBA Draft, scoring 28.2 points per game. Despite missing much of his second season due to a fractured foot, His Airness nevertheless averaged 22.7 points in 18 games.

By year three, MJ had progressed from a rising talent to the NBA’s face. Jordan averaged 37.1 points per game in 1986-87, the most of his career. He then scored 35.0 points the following season, leading Chicago to its first winning season since 1981.

Jordan’s drive to win was growing as the league’s leading scorer. Three first-round exits in a row to start his career was unsatisfactory, and even a second-round departure in 1988 didn’t please him. As his competitive fire rose, so did his reputation as a demanding colleague who frightened his teammates.

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The Chicago Bulls’ Michael Jordan. | Alexander Hassenstein/Bongarts/Getty Images

The Bulls selected Vanderbilt center Will Perdue be successful? with the 11th overall selection in 1988, coming off a 50-win season. Along with Jordan and second-year forward Scottie Pippen, Chicago saw the 7-footer as a valuable addition.

Perdue, a 13-year veteran, remembered having mixed emotions about the selection since he knew he’d be playing with Jordan.

Perdue told The Athletic, “I remember being selected by the Bulls.” “I told my buddies I was heading to the NBA, and they said, ‘Oh, by the way, did you know you’re playing alongside Michael Jordan?’ And I’d considered it before, but it was the first time it had really occurred to me. ‘Oh crap,’ I thought. There was a happy sensation, but it was also a sense that it was my duty to go out there and earn his respect. And that took a long time.”

Perdue, now 56, also spoke about his first encounter with MJ, which happened only one day before training camp started.

“It was a little frightening, and a little humiliating for me.” Michael Jordan is my name. I went from admiring Michael on television and marveling at what he could do on the basketball floor to having to play alongside him. Now it’s up to me to win his respect. It’s the incorrect attitude, but I believe everyone is thinking, “I don’t want to p*** him off, therefore I don’t want to mess it up.”

Will Perdue

Perdue was correct to be frightened of Jordan in the end. Years later, the two had a brawl, with the center receiving a black eye.

Jordan and Perdue won three championships with the Chicago Bulls as a team.

Aside from the incident, Jordan and Perdue had a great seven-year partnership with the Bulls, winning three championships. The big man offered important frontcourt depth for Chicago during its first three-peat from 1991 and 1993, even though he wasn’t a starter.

Perdue’s greatest statistical season occurred when Jordan was away playing baseball. During the 1994-95 season, the former Commodore started 78 games and set a career best with an 8.0 point average. He was, however, utilized as a trade component in Chicago’s acquisition of Dennis Rodman from the San Antonio Spurs.

Jordan went on to win three more championships with Rodman, demonstrating that he could beat anybody. Even 7-footers who are hesitant to join his squad.

Basketball Reference provided all statistics.

Michael Jordan demanded that his trainer do the same workouts as him: ‘If I have to go through this, you have to go through this,’ he said.

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