Phasmophobia Ouija Board Questions Guide

Ouija boards are a favorite for many people to use when getting in touch with the other side. They can be scary if you don’t know how to approach them the right way, but finding out what is up on your own or going through this guide will help you get over that fear and enjoy using it without worrying about being haunted.

The “Phasmophobia Ouija Board Questions Guide” is a subreddit that helps users with questions about the phasmophobia. It also includes a list of what to say and do during a session.

Phasmophobia Ouija Board Questions Guide

The ouija board in Phasmophobia got a makeover with the update, featuring new questions and functionalities, as well as a fresh new aesthetic.

We’ll go through the ouija board questions you may ask a ghost in our Phasmophobia guide, either to speed up your inquiry or to add some more flavor.

How to Use the Ouija Board in Phasmophobia

Pick up the ouija board and place it somewhere secure, ideally near the front entrance in case a search starts, and turn it on.

Using the ouija board to ask a ghost questions isn’t cheap, at least not in terms of your sanity. Each question you correctly ask the ouija board will take a toll on your sanity, albeit not all questions will have the same effect on you.

  • When you ask where the ghost is, you’ll lose 40 percent of your sanity, albeit it’ll be a bit less with Demons.
  • Asking a query regarding the location of the bone or the number of persons in the room with the ghost will take 20 percent of your sanity away.
  • The remaining questions will deplete your sanity by 5%.

A new feature in the Phasmophobia patch is that if you do not say farewell to the ouija board, it will shatter and immediately start a cursed search.

A cursed hunt lasts longer than a standard hunt and begins with the player (basically). Every other hunt will be extended for the remainder of the inquiry. Unless you’re wanting to start cursed hunts, always say farewell to the ouija board after you’re done with it.

Ouija Board Questions on Phasmophobia


Queries are grouped by function below; in Phasmophobia, there are a variety of ways to express ouija board questions to ghosts.

  • To find out where the ghost is, do the following:
    • Are you nearby / nearby / nearby?
    • What is your favorite room in the house?
    • Where have you gone?
    • What is the location of your room?
    • Are there any ghosts around?
  • Inquire of the ouija board about the location of the bone:
  • To determine your sanity, do the following:
    • “How can I know whether I’m sane?”
    • If you’re healthy, your sanity is at least 80%.
    • Good indicates that your sanity is between 60% and 80%.
    • Your sanity is anywhere between 40% and 60% on average.
    • Bad indicates that your sanity is between 20% and 40%.
    • Awful indicates that your sanity is less than 20%.
    • “Do you think I’m crazy?”
    • Maybe you’re a little more sane than the average person.
    • Yes indicates that you are completely sane.
    • “How crazy am I?” says the narrator. “How insane am I?” or “How insane am I?”
    • You’re not very sane if you’re not over 50%.
    • Very suggests you’re anywhere between 20% and 50% sane.
    • Insanity is defined as having less than 20% sanity.
  • To figure out how long the spirit has been deceased, do the following:
    • How long have you been at this location?
    • When did you pass away?
    • Is it true that you’ve been dead for a long time?
    • How long have you been dead?
    • When did you pass away?
  • Ask the ouija board how many persons are in the same room as the ghost, including the ghost:
    • How many ghosts are there in this room?
    • Who is it that has arrived?
    • Is there anybody else in this room?
    • How many ghosts are there in the room?
    • What is the total number of persons in the room?
    • Are you on your own?
    • Are we the only ones here?
    • How many people are there in this room?
    • What is the total number of persons in this room?
    • How many individuals are there in this room?
  • To figure out how old the spirit was when it died, do the following:
    • How old are you?
    • Are you a senior citizen?
    • Are you a young person?
    • What is your age?
  • Ask the ouija board the following questions to learn how the spirit died:
  • To start a cursed hunt, do the following:
    • Are you up for a game of hide and seek?
  • To figure out how the spirit is feeling, do the following:
    • What are your thoughts?
    • Are you all right?
  • To include the ghost in a joke:
  • To figure out why the ghost is there, do the following:
  • Questions to ask the ouija board that aren’t related to the topic at hand:
    • Is it true that I am attractive?
    • Do you despise me?
    • Are we buddies?

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For the time being, that concludes the Phasmophobia ouija board questions. The list isn’t excessively extensive, and remembering some of them for your next round of investigations might save you time seeking for the bone or the ghost itself. Check out GameSkinny’s other Phasmophobia tutorials for additional information.

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Ouija boards are considered to be a tool of the devil. This is because they are believed to have been used by people in the past for evil purposes, such as summoning spirits and communicating with ghosts. The “ouija board high school phasmophobia” is a guide that provides information on how to avoid using an Ouija Board at school.

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