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The Shedu Guide is a website where you can find the best builds for your Shedu in World of Warcraft. The site has been around since 2011 and continues to offer new builds on a regular basis. Expert players have done their research, improved upon existing ideas, and come up with some incredible designs over time

The “shedu farm” is a website that has been created to help all players find the best shedu builds for their character. The site also offers an in-depth guide on how to build your own shedu.

It was often mentioned in Warframe how deadly the sentients were. Each faction’s actions are the outcome of the sentient conflict.

The Grineer were developed as a way to make cheap troops to combat the sentients, while the corpus are descendants of the sentients’ survival.

The infected are also a failed attempt to develop something that can adapt physiologically to sentients. The Ostron, too, had to depend on Gara and their tower to keep them safe.

Even this game as we know it would not exist if the sentients were not a menace, since the Warframes were the Orokins’ ultimate answer to their ever-evolving issue of sentients.

As a player, you begin to realize that they are the boogie men of Warframe, and the group that everyone else hates, after hearing so much about the suffering and troubles they created, and how their horrific weapons destroyed mankind as we know it.

No one would blame you if, as a player, you began to question what the Sentients were all about. What do they seem to be like? What kind of weapons did they employ, and will I be able to utilize them?

Shedu has a unique personality.

And, lo and behold, the game provided a solution in the shape of the Shedu, a Sentient Assault Rifle Arm-Cannon. The Sentients’ rage is represented by the Shedu, a mastery 13 rifle Arm cannon.


Its scorching bullets are heat beams that explode with electricity when they collide with an adversary or a surface.

It, like the sentients, is constructed to endure, with self-regenerating ammunition that, when depleted, delivers an impact explosion in a limited radius that not only causes a stagger, but also destroys the resistances built up by its fellow sentients.

The Sentients were formed for a very particular purpose: to carry out the Orokin’s will and adapt to any adversities they face, thus it’s no wonder that when dealing with the Orokin’s foes, the sentients devised an extremely powerful killing machine.

How and Where Can You Find Shedu?


The Shedu, like the Sentients, is a weapon that is designed to be obtained much later in the game.

The weapons blueprint is granted at the conclusion of the Erra quest, although it may also be bought for 100,000 standing from Cephalon Simaris. The components for the Shedu may be obtained in a variety of methods.

When playing rail jack, the initial method is to harvest the Symbolist foes located in the sentient anomalies.

The Symbolists occur during the Veil Proxima during Empyrean missions, and don’t worry if you miss them since the game flashes the sentient symbol as soon as the ship spawns in the zone, letting you know they’re there.

However, there are a few factors to keep in mind. The first is that you should be warded if you plan on farming this since each component has a 1% probability of falling from each symbolist adversary.

That implies that if the lovely mistress known as RNG was nice, it would drop after roughly 210 kills, but since this is Warframe and RNG can be a fickle mistress, you can anticipate to kill a lot more foes before it drops, which might range from 600 to nearly 1000 enemies.

As motivated as you are, you may think to yourself, “I’ll just attempt to farm it for a day, that shouldn’t be too tough, right?”

You’d think so, but that’s assuming you’re fortunate enough to obtain a 1% drop for each component, and there’s nothing stopping you from receiving several copies of the same part.

So, in my view, if you’re going to farm it, you’ll need to devote more than one day to avoid burning out.

On the other hand, during Operation Scarlet Spear and Operation Orphix Venom, the Symbolist foes appeared more often, thus if you were fortunate enough to be interested in this weapon at the time, your odds of receiving the Shedu from drops were much greater, and you could easily farm it.

Finally, the most basic but most costly option is to trade it with other players.

The Shedu is one of those weapons where individual pieces may be transferred between players.

If you have really good friends or enough plat on your hands, you might simply trade for the Shedu and get it without having to twist your hair out or sell your soul for some RNG.

Another option is to sell numerous copies of the same component for plat and then purchase the desired part.

In conclusion, there is no simple way to get it; one method is time consuming and inconvenient, while the other would cost you about 70 to 80 plat based on current market prices; the option is yours.

Characteristics of Shedu

Let’s take a look at Shedu’s primary characteristics:

1) The main fire


I wouldn’t be lying if I said the Shedu was an illustration of the Sentients’ two pronged rage. Despite its appearance, the Shedu is a rifle that resembles a Cannon and, despite its magazine size, feels like a shotgun.

It employs rifle modifications since it belongs to the rifle class of weapons in Warframe. Its principal file has a special feature that enables it to divide its harm into two halves, each of which is equally devastating.

The searing main fire, which causes heat damage, is the first component. The fact that even high status weapons generally perform one or all of the regular damage kinds known as Impact, Slash, and eventually Puncture before applying whatever elemental damage type they come with is a unique component of this weapon.

But, like the sentients, the Shedu anticipates what the adversary and players will do and adjusts accordingly. It features a main fire of merely heat damage as a guaranteed proc, rather of performing the basic damage types and then adding its elemental damage. This is beneficial for a variety of reasons.

The first is that it has decent accuracy for the sort of weapon it is, with minimal spread for its range; the second is that, because to its insanely high critical chance, crit multiplier, and high-status chance, the variety of builds you can employ is enormous.

The greatest aspect is that the weapon doesn’t need any ammunition modifications since it is self-recharging with a 1 second delay, and when you run out, it releases the previously mentioned guaranteed explosion that stuns foes in close proximity.

Although, since these rounds aren’t hit scan, they take a long time to travel, you may need to equip a mod to speed up the process.

2) A radial assault


The second prong of the Sentients’ wrath is the Radial attack, also known as the electrical area of effect, which is released by the Shedu’s rounds when they collide with an item, which may be an adversary or terrain.

These explosions are destructive because they erupt in a 6.6-meter radius and serve as a form of crowd control as well as a means to apply a new status effect.

In addition to lacking the standard damage types of Slash, Impact, and Puncture, the primary fire is unique in that it shares the same crit multiplier, crit chance, and status chance as its secondary fire, which is almost unheard of in Warframe weapons, but then again, what did we expect from the Sentient’s fury?

Shedu’s Advantages

The Shedu, like so many other iconic weapons from Warframe factions, is a perfect embodiment of its side.

The first is its adaptability; this isn’t a weapon advantage, but being a sentient weapon, it has the peculiar quirk of taking on the look of your Warframe when you employ skills like Rhino’s iron skin, various ephemeras, or even Niduse’s parasitic connection.

Now, honestly, its durability, along with its self-reloading magazine, means it’s practically made for endurance runs, since you’ll never have to worry about choosing the right Warframe, companion, or mod to aid with ammunition management.

Another advantage of this passive is that, as previously stated, when the magazine reaches zero, it triggers an area of effect that always stuns foes.

That is, if you are suddenly encircled or decide to approach adversaries close enough to run out of ammunition in your magazine, the area of impact will always guarantee you have enough time to not only reload but also get to cover safely.

The other advantage is that its primary fire deals heat damage, which gives you a lot of options when it comes to elemental builds like radiation or gas, which are effective against corpus and robots. Finally, its explosions deal electricity damage, which when combined with the same elements gives you different effects, allowing you to stack the element effects in ways that other weapons can’t.

This weapon also has a high critical chance and critical multiplier, so if you don’t want to go with the traditional status build and instead want a crit or slash build, you may do so since both of those stats give you ample versatility to go either way.

The Shedu’s finest feature is its ability to synergize with two particular Warframes, Volt and Toxin Chroma.

When using either warframe, utilizing Volt’s second ability or Chroma’s second ability increases reload speed, and there is presently a glitch on the Shedu where your magazine never empties when you have these buffs active and the Shedu equipped.

While this isn’t normally an advantage, volt and chroma are two extremely powerful warframes that can be used in a variety of missions, and using it on Volt also increases its fire rate, removing one of its major drawbacks and allowing you to use the mod Critical Delay because fire rate is no longer an issue.

Shedu’s disadvantages

In Shedu’s defense, the weapon’s flaws are what make it distinctive; although these flaws might be damaging to other weapons, they can be readily addressed with a mod or a special Warframe in the case of Shedu.

While its projectile flying speed might be sluggish, it can be improved by using the projectile flight speed mod, which requires an Exilus mod slot.

Although these slots are generally reserved for upgrades that either convert non-rifle ammunition to rifle ammo or increase magazine size, neither of which you would require on the Shedu, it is unlikely that you will lose much.

The first is its slow fire rate, which makes the Shedu feel like you’re firing a very accurate and long range shotgun without any mods, but with Warframes like volt, toxic chroma, or the best option because of his crit chance and damage boost Harrow, this feels like you’re firing a very accurate and long range shotgun.

The Shedu is readily capable of receiving the firing rate it merits. The final and most justified demerit is the Shedu’s very tiny magazine size.

Since of the 7-bullet magazine, it’s difficult to commit to long engagements because you’ll rapidly run out of ammunition and have to wait a second for it to reload, which may buy you some time owing to the area of effect.

Foes in high-level missions may kill you in less than a second, and many enemies can grow resistant to crowd control, putting you in a difficult situation with nothing to do except wait for it to recharge.

Shedu’s Finest Constructions

Let’s take a look at the greatest Shedu builds:

1) Shedu’s standard All-Rounder build (2 forma)


This is a very simple Shedu build that takes use of the Shedu’s high base crit chance and status. The components for this build are viral and heat for the primary, followed by viral and electricity for the secondary.

I suggest using these elements since they are currently one of the most powerful in the game, as virus increases the amount of damage foes suffer from all sources while heat weakens their armour.

The radial virus, on the other hand, accomplishes the same thing, but the electrical chain cc’s the adversaries, giving you a lot of variation at a little cost.

It should be noted that if we were battling an opponent like the infested, we could simply use malignant force and infected clip, with the main fire doing gas damage and the explosion dealing corrosive damage to deal with the harder adversaries.

Another reason to go for a more forma heavy construct is that the projectile flight speed will still be sluggish.

2) Shedu’s Endgame All-Rounder Build (5 forma)


This build is the more advanced variant of the Standard all-rounder build; it has the same important modifications, but adds heavy calibre to improve damage at the expense of accuracy; nonetheless, due to the Shedu’s spread, it hardly reduces accuracy to the point where it is visible.

The galvanized chamber and Aptitude make it an even superior endurance weapon, yet we still commit to crits with point strike. It should be noted that if you don’t like the sluggish firing rate, you may suit this for critical delay.

Although we do swap out the cold mod so we can only run one element at a time, this may be reversed if you run the other elemental mod instead of vigilante armaments, but be aware that depending on the element, this may cost you additional forma.

Now, although doing so would result in greater damage, it would also result in fewer projectiles being launched, and when facing a group of foes, more projectiles fired equals more individual area of effect blasts.

3) Shedu Build with low status and raw damage (6 forma)


This build focuses on the Shedu’s base heat main fire, which means it has a low status. Because the Shedu has no other damage types to contend with, you can simply run this without worrying about proccing the proper element.

Although the construction costs $6 2,000, the modifications are inexpensive and simple to come by, so you won’t be disappointed if you choose this build.

Instead of divided chamber, I would propose galvanized chamber for a more endgame variant.

4) Build a Crit Volt (6 forma)


This construct takes advantage of Volt’s second ability exploit and runs with it; however, the drawback is that you only have one element, which is the base element.

However, by removing vigilante armaments and replacing them with the element mod, you will be able to run all elements except Cold, which should be no problem.

This design may struggle against well armoured troops, therefore having a teammate who can remove armour is recommended.

The “shedu build” is a guide and builds for the Shedu. The guide includes all of the best builds, and also includes some information on what to look for in a good build.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is shedu any good?

A: Shedu is a type of the most powerful, godly creature. Shedu can be ridden and can fight for you against other shedu or even gods themselves!

How do I farm for shedu?


Is shedu a rifle?

A: Shedu is a mythical creature from ancient Mesopotamia, that was said to be the progeny of the great dragon Tiamat. The shedu were half-lion/half-man and they guarded temples as guardians for Inanna.

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