Best streaming services for local channels and sports in 2021

The Best Streaming Services for Local Channels and Sports in 2021. There are many different streaming services that can help you to find the local channels or sports team you love. In this article, we will go through several of these top providers as well as provide some information on their pricing plans so that you know which service is best for your needs.,

The “best streaming for sports 2021” is a question that has been asked many times before. With the new year here, we have compiled a list of the best services to watch local channels and sports.

There are a plethora of streaming sites to select from, particularly if you’re looking for local networks or sports.

You may get overwhelmed by the options and wind up paying for the incorrect site. This is why it is critical to understand exactly what you are purchasing before parting with your money.

We’ve analyzed the best ten streaming options for local TV and sports in this article. This ranking takes into account a variety of aspects such as available channels, coverage, pricing, and the number of screens, among others.

1. Hulu


If you’re looking for the best value for your money, Hulu is a no-brainer! It may easily take the place of Netflix and live television. Not to mention the fact that it offers up to 14 different sports channels.

For $64.99 a month, you receive over 65 channels and shows from ABC, FOX, ESPN (1,2,3), CBS, NHL, NBC, ESPNU, and the SEC, among others. The only issue is that you will have to put up with advertisements.

As previously stated, the plan includes 50 hours of upgradeable DVR storage. It also enables you to broadcast on two displays at the same time.

If you don’t want commercials, choose the $70.99 plan, which includes everything above but ads. Hulu offers a few unique features, one of which is the ability to buy packages.

For $72.99, you get Hulu+, Live TV, ESPN+, and Disney+, for example. For $70.99, though, you get normal Hulu and ESPN+.

Android, Xbox One, fourth-generation Apple TVs and later, Chromecast, Play Station 4, Nintendo Switch, Samsung smart TVs, iOS, Amazon Fire Stick, Roku, and a slew of other devices are all supported with Hulu.

If you desire the service but the aforementioned prices are too high, keep an eye out for discounts and specials, such as Cyber Mondays, when you may save a lot of money.

2. Fubo Television

fuboTV logofuboTV/FuboTV/FuboTV/Fu

Every sports fan’s desire is to have access to Fubo TV. It includes up to 50+ sports channels, which is more than any other streaming service that includes local networks.

NBA TV, ACCN, NHL, MLB, Olympic Channel, Golf Channel, ESPN, ESPN 2, Big Ten, and TVG are just a few of the networks available. FuboTV also provides a number of overseas networks, including beIN Sports, Fubo Sports, TUDN, and others.

Depending on the package you pick, Fubo costs anywhere from $33 to $79.99. Starter, Pro, Elite, and Latino Quarterly are the four programs they now offer. The amount of channels offered, cloud DVR storage, and the number of streams enabled at the same time are all determined on the bundle you choose.

If you pick one of the cheapest two packages but want more sports channels, you may pay an extra $11 for an additional 19 channels on top of the original package fee.

The one drawback of Fubo TV is that it lacks Turner programming, so you won’t be able to watch TNT, CNN, or CBS.

YouTube TV is number three.

YouTube TVImage credit: YouTube

It’s challenging to find a streaming app with local channels that would keep the whole family entertained. However, YouTube TV gets close.

The app includes over 85 channels, including local networks and on-demand programming, for just $64.99 per month.

If you have a hectic schedule or travel around a lot, YouTube TV’s unlimited DVR cloud storage will come in handy.

You may stop, rewind, and play material on the DVR at any time. Because most sports information takes up a lot of storage, this is a great option for sports fans.

When it comes to sports, YouTube TV has a lot to offer, including CBS, ESPN 2, ESPN U, MLB, NFL RedZone, TNT, NBC Sports, Golf Channel, and Olympic Channel, to name a few.

It also permits up to six accounts per household, with three of them being able to stream at the same time.

Despite the fact that YouTube TV only offers one bundle, you may improve your viewer’s library by purchasing one of their add-ons.

For example, for $40, you can get an NBA league pass that gives you access to all NBA games, even if they aren’t on TV.

Alternatively, you may get the sports plus add-on for an additional $76. More sports channels are available with this add-on.

To get a taste of everything YouTube TV has to offer, you may sign up for a 30-day free trial.

Sling TV is number four.

Sling TV logoImage courtesy of Sling TV

Sling TV is an excellent alternative if you have an Internet TV with local channels but want to improve your game with a reasonably priced streaming subscription.

There are four different packages to pick from, with prices ranging from $11 to $50 based on the amount of channels and DVR storage capacity.

Despite having stations from FOX, ABC, and NBC, Sling TV offers poor local channel coverage. It does not contain Sinclair, AT&T, or CBS affiliate channels, for example.

It does, however, provide a wide range of popular sports and local channels.

This service is only recommended if you are on a tight budget and simply want access to a few channels.

5. Streaming via DirecTV

DirecTV StreamImage courtesy of DirecTV

The AT&T streaming service has been reborn as DirecTV Stream. Though it is on the more expensive side, it is ideal if you want a great blend of sports channels, lifestyle entertainment, and famous local networks.

It comes in four streaming bundles, each including local channels, and is one of the top streaming services for local networks and sports. Its premium package includes 140+ channels, including 18 sports channels.

As you can see, it is not the ideal solution for individuals who are exclusively interested in sports material since they will pay a lot for very little.

If you live in a family or have friends who are prepared to split the monthly cost, you’ll like the fact that DirecTV enables up to 20 people to watch at the same time using the same account.

The key selling point for its more affordable bundles is that they include three months of premium channel access, including HBO max, CINEMAX, SHOWTIME, STARZ, and EPIX.

6. Video Television

Video TV is a new streaming TV service that offers both local and sports-oriented programs.

Its extensive collection, along with affordable price, making it one of the better alternatives to consider if you want an average watching experience.

Its core bundle includes 70 channels, including ESPN 2 and ESPN News, which are both highly regarded. The software works on a variety of platforms, including Android, iOS, Apple TV, Samsung TVs, Roku, and Fire Stick.

7. ESPN+


ESPN+ is one of the better alternatives available if you are a true sports lover who solely wants to watch sports material. It not only broadcasts all national hockey games, but also UFC and MLS matches.

The negative is that ESPN+ does not broadcast NFL or NBA games, but at $6 per month for such a large library, this seems like a tiny price to pay.

If you want more than just sports, you may get ESPN+ as part of a Hulu bundle, which is available in a variety of packages.

8. Maximum Plus

Paramount Plus streaming serviceImage credit: Paramount Pictures

CBS All Access was the previous name for Paramount+. It is a wonderful choice for individuals who like on-demand programs, vintage movies, live sports, news, and local channels because to its broad programming.

To put things in perspective, this service offers over 30,000 TV episodes, 40 original shows, and almost 3,000 films. There is something for everyone, no matter how fussy you are.

One of the reasons why the aforementioned is regarded as one of the top streaming services with local channels is that it includes CBS.

This means NFL games, UEFA tournaments, NCAA basketball, international soccer, national women’s soccer leagues, and a slew of other sporting events will be available.

You can watch three screens at once with the $6 Paramount bundle, but you won’t get a DVR.

However, if you upgrade to the $10 option, you’ll receive limitless DVR storage and the ability to stream to up to five devices at once.

Peacock No. 9

Peacock TVPeacock (photo)

Peacock, NBCUniversal’s streaming service, is most known for its free bundle, which includes up to 13,000 hours of live sports, iconic TV episodes, and famous movies.

You may, however, upgrade your plan to have access to a wider range of material, with or without advertisements.

The issue with Peacock is that it lacks live network channels, such as those seen on cable. Instead, the creators decided to provide you with a variety of live sports content, including NFL games, Premier League matches, WWE matches, and much more.

This streaming service, in fact, can only cater to customers who seek access to certain sports events and other forms of lifestyle entertainment.

10. DAZN

Dazn streaming service logoImage courtesy of DAZN

Dazn is a streaming service that caters only to boxing aficionados; it does not have many channels dedicated to other sports.

They have all of the old legendary boxing fights, as well as stations that broadcast live boxing matches and even boxing player documentaries in their library.

If you have this subscription and become bored of watching boxing, you may enjoy the local channels and restricted movies that come with the top-tier bundles.

Hopefully, they will be able to extend their collection in the near future.

The aforementioned streaming services for local channels and sports will be of good service to you once you decide to ditch cable and obtain a streaming service provider.

Your decision is based on the content you want to prioritize and your budget.

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The “best streaming service for sports reddit” is a question that has been asked many times. The best streaming services are the ones that offer local channels and sports in 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which streaming services offer local channels?

A: Streaming services that provide local channels are limited. YouTube TV, Hulu Live TV and PlayStation Vue offer channel access only in certain areas so it may not be possible to watch your desired stations from anywhere across the U.S., Canada or some other country.

What is the most popular streaming platform 2021?

A: The most popular streaming platform in 2021 is still unknown.

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