ESO Werewolf Guide: Everything You Need To Know (2021)

Make the most of the new features coming to ESO with the new Elder Scrolls Online. With the new content update, Patch 3.2, ESO will be adding the Breton race, the Werewolf race, and the new Warhounds pet.

The Elder Scrolls Online was one of the latest MMORPGs to release at the end of 2015, offering up an Elder Scrolls experience that was much more expansive (and accurate) than the Elder Scrolls games of old. Unfortunately, due to game development issues, the game was released in its current state, with players only able to access about half of the game’s content. But what would it be like to play as a werewolf?

This is the definitive guide on the Elder Scrolls Online Werewolf Guild! This guide will provide you with everything you need to know about becoming a Werewolf, and starting your own Werewolf pack! I’ll also provide you with a few extra tricks and tricks of the trade, to help level up your characters and make your pack a success!

Lycanthropy in The Elder Scrolls Online offers a new method to play the game that is both interesting and dynamic, allowing the player to customize their experience based on the situation. To be true, taking on Hircine’s curse of lycanthropy bestows significant benefits on the player’s character.

There’s a lot of flexibility in terms of when and how to utilize the werewolf skill line in ESO, with tremendous roleplay potential and the possibility to make its effects on the character totally undetectable outside of the change. Furthermore, all of the werewolf powers may be put to good use, which is essential since you only have access to werewolf abilities when changed.

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When you transform into a werewolf in ESO, you must fully commit to the transformation for the rest of the game, and with a little tweaking, it can be very effective in both PVE and PVP content. That’s why we’ve put up this ESO werewolf tutorial to help you get started!

Werewolf Guide in ESO: How to Become a Werewolf

Werewolf-Bite Werewolf Bite ZeniMax Online Studios (photo credit: ZeniMax Online Studios)

The quickest and easiest method to become a werewolf is to buy the “Werewolf’s Bite” from the crown shop for 1,500 crowns, which instantly grants your character the werewolf skill line.

However, there are two more complex alternatives that will add to the excitement of being a werewolf and will not cost you any money.

Other players who have previously been infected with Lycanthropy get the passive ability Blood Moon, which enables them to inflict Lycanthropy on other players once every seven days. This must be done in a particular Werewolf Ritual Site, which can be located in each alliance’s zone, namely Bangkorai (Daggerfall Covenant), Reaper’s March (Aldmeri Dominion), and The Rift (Aldmeri Dominion) (Ebonheart Pact).

Werewolf-Ritual-Site-Bangkorai-View-1-1024x576 Werewolf Ritual Site Bangkorai View (1) Image credit: HGG/ZeniMax Online Studios

When you arrive at one of these ritual locations, ask for a werewolf bite in the zone chat, and a player in the vicinity will usually come over and give you the curse, enabling you to begin the werewolf quest.

If you’re still having trouble getting bites after following our ESO werewolf guide, you may look for werewolves at night, but they must be in these particular zones since other werewolves in the game don’t transmit the illness. To maximize your chances of contracting the illness from one of these werewolves, you’ll want to be struck by them as many times as possible. This may take a long time, and it doesn’t ensure that you’ll get it even if you’ve been wounded by werewolves in these areas, so you might be better off waiting for a buddy, guildmate, or nice stranger.

Remember, you don’t have to pay other players for this, and you shouldn’t, since asking for money in exchange for a werewolf or vampire bite is often frowned upon. People used to camp the regions with werewolf NPCs so that only they could be relied on to transmit the illness to other players for a hefty price, but the community banded together and decided to put a stop to it by giving out these bites for free.

Werewolf-Hircine-1024x576 Werewolf Hircine Image credit: HGG/ZeniMax Online Studios

After being bitten by a werewolf at the shrine and contracting Sanies Lupinus, you will read an old scroll on the altar to enter The Hunting Grounds and begin the quest Hircine’s Gift. If you were hired by an NPC, you must talk with Thoreki to begin the mission and acquire the werewolf skill line.

You must kill a beast worthy of Hircine’s praise after you enter Hircine’s Hunting Grounds, which may be any of the bigger animals in the region. You’ll get the power to change into a werewolf after completing the task, which you may choose to retain on your front bar, rear bar, or not at all.

Keep in mind that, unlike vampirism in ESO, lycanthropy has no lasting consequences on your character when you are not changed, allowing you to play as one whenever you choose. When you are changed into a werewolf, you will need to level up your werewolf abilities now that you have Lycanthropy. We recommend trying out both morphs to determine which one best suits your playstyle, since their utility varies depending on whether you’re a DPS, tank, or in PVP. 

Defining Werewolf Skills and When to Use Them

When you change into a werewolf, you can only use other werewolf abilities for the length of your transformation. Keep this in mind if you’re utilizing sets that need you to utilize a particular skill, since you won’t be able to use them after you’ve transformed. Because of this limitation, most werewolf abilities are tuned to be very effective in any situation. We’ll go through each skill and its primary applications in the following part of the ESO werewolf guide. 

1. Pack Leader / Werewolf Berserker Werewolf Transformation 

Transformation Transformation Image credit: HGG/ZeniMax Online Studios

The werewolf ultimate is very powerful, first acting as an AOE dread for three seconds. You can remain as a werewolf for thirty seconds after using the ultimate, but this may be prolonged with additional abilities and passives that we’ll go over later. Your maximum stamina is boosted by 30% when changed, and your stamina recovery is improved by 15% just by having it inserted. Hulking Draugr (from Direfrost Keep) and other sets that provide a lot of additional stamina work nicely with this perk.

Pack Leader is a tank-oriented morph in which you take 10% less damage, call two direwolves to battle for you, and give modest bravery to you and surrounding friends, boosting their weapon and spell damage by 215. The second morph that is focused on DPS is Werewolf Berserker, which gives your light strikes a high damaging bleed and allows your heavier attacks to inflict 50% splash damage.

Brutal Pounce / Feral Pounce are two types of pounce.

Pounce Pounce Image credit: HGG/ZeniMax Online Studios

This is your initiation talent, enabling you to jump at opponents from a distance of 5–22 meters. After the initial cast, you may cast Carnage, which forces the opponent to bleed for ten seconds and delivers 450 percent more damage against foes with less than 100 percent health.

The more beneficial morph, Brutal Pounce, delivers extra damage to surrounding opponents, while the second cast distributes damage in a cone, increasing your weapon damage each time you use it. Feral Pounce is the other morph that isn’t nearly as powerful, but it comes with the added benefit of recovering stamina and extending your werewolf transformation whenever you do damage. 

3. The Bounty of Hircine: Hircine’s Rage / Hircine’s Fortitude

Hircines-Bounty Hircines-Bounty Image credit: HGG/ZeniMax Online Studios

Hircine’s Bounty is the only werewolf ability that costs magicka. It heals you based on your maximum health. When you reach full health, the ability switches to a flat quantity of stamina. Another advantage of this ability is that while it’s slotted, it grants you Major Brutality, which increases your weapon damage by 20% at all times.

The transformation Hircine’s Rage is the most hazardous option, since it grants you Major Berserk, which increases your damage by 10% while also increasing your damage taken by 5%. Taking 5% extra damage from all sources may be catastrophic, so proceed with caution if you select that morph. Hircine’s Fortitude, the alternative morph, is more helpful in most situations since it raises the initial heal amount as well as your health and stamina recovery by 5%, up to a maximum of 333 extra recovery for each. 

Ferocious Roar / Defeaning Roar are the four types of roars.

Roar Roar Image credit: HGG/ZeniMax Online Studios

Apart from the initial terror on the ultimate, Roar’s crowd control ability terrifies up to six surrounding opponents for four seconds, throwing them off balance for seven seconds. While slotted, you get Major Savagery, which increases your weapon critical by 2629.

The transformation Deafening Roar lowers opponents’ physical resistance by 5280 with Major Fracture and reduces their damage done by 5% with Minor Maim for 10 seconds, while Ferocious Roar enhances the speed of your heavy strikes. Deafening Roar is the morph you should use if you don’t have access to a group member who can apply Major Fracture.

5. Howl of Despair / Howl of Agony (Piercing Howl)

Piercing-Howl Piercing-Howl Image credit: HGG/ZeniMax Online Studios

The werewolf’s spammable inflicts a large amount of damage, with opponents facing you taking 10% extra damage.

Allies get Empower when they use Howl of Despair, which boosts their damage done with light and heavy strikes by 40%, making it an excellent choice for tanking. The second morph, Howl of Agony, does 25% more damage to opponents who face you or are afraid of you, which will help you achieve the highest DPS possible.

Claws of Anguish / Claws of Life: Infectious Claws

Infectious-Claws Infectious-Claws Image credit: HGG/ZeniMax Online Studios

When you deal AOE cleave damage in front of you, you inflict both physical and illness damage, which lasts for ten seconds. Enemies that take the first hit get the sick status effect, which gives them Minor Defile and reduces their healing received by 8% for four seconds.

The Claws of Anguish Morph additionally applies Major Defile to opponents, decreasing the amount of healing they get by 16 percent. Claws of Life is the superior sustain choice since it heals the player for 100% of the damage over time it produces, thus for each opponent struck with the illness DOT, you will heal for ten seconds.

Passives of the Werewolf

Let’s move on to the passive talents and abilities in our ESO werewolf guide.

The werewolf becomes a force of nature when all of the werewolf passives come together. Except for Blood Moon (which enables you to convert other players), all passives need you to be in werewolf form to be active. Outside of being changed, the only advantage you’ll ever receive from being a werewolf is having the ultimate on your bar, which grants you a 15% stamina recovery boost.

Pursuit, their initial passive, boosts your movement speed by 30% and improves the stamina recovery from heavy strikes by 50%. Because of this, chasing down opponents and simply getting about is a breeze. Keep in mind that if you are discovered by a friendly NPC, you will get a bounty, since werewolves are not well-liked in Tamriel.

Werewolf-Devour-1024x576 Werewolf-Devour-1024x576 Image credit: HGG/ZeniMax Online Studios

Devour allows you to consume corpses to extend the length of your metamorphosis while also restoring your health. Each body may be devoured for four seconds, and each second adds three seconds to your werewolf time while also recovering 8% of your maximum health. To maintain your werewolf form, you’ll need to consume at least one or two corpses after each battle.

When you do damage, the Blood Rage passive extends the duration of your werewolf transformation by four seconds and may be triggered once every five seconds.

Every seven days, the Blood Moon enables you to infect other players with Lycanthropy, which must be done at certain ritual locations.

Savage Strength boosts weapon damage by 18% and grants Major Resolve, which raises physical and spell resistance by 5948, allowing you to inflict more damage while absorbing less damage.

Finally, the Call of the Pack passive lowers the cost of your werewolf transformation by 10% for each turned werewolf in your group, including yourself, up to a maximum of 40%.

Overall, these passives combine to make werewolves powerful and durable, allowing them to remain in werewolf form for extended periods of time.

Food for Werewolves

Werewolf-Pack-Leaders-Bonebroth-1024x576 Werewolf-Pack-Leaders-Bonebroth-1024x576 Image credit: HGG/ZeniMax Online Studios

The drink known as Pack Leader’s Bone Broth, which is a delicacy available during the Witches Festival in October, is the sole provisioning item that affects werewolves particularly.

It may also be purchased from a guild merchant or obtained via a player-to-player transaction. The transition to becoming a werewolf is additionally slowed by 5% if you increase your stamina by 4620 and your health by 5051 for two hours. The werewolf ultimate costs 325 without any additional discounts, thus this drink helps down the cost by approximately 16 points, making it simpler to change. However, there are alternative meal choices that provide greater resources, such as Braised Rabbit with Spring Vegetables (or equivalents), which provide 4936 stamina and 5395 health.

Lycanthropy’s Drawbacks

If we didn’t talk about the disadvantages of Lycanthropy, this wouldn’t be a comprehensive ESO werewolf tutorial.

The inability to utilize talents other than those accessible via the werewolf skill line is one of the most significant disadvantages to consider while contemplating Lycanthropy.

Werewolf-Not-Buffed-1024x576 Werewolf-Not-Buffed-1024x576 Image credit: HGG/ZeniMax Online Studios

When all werewolf powers are very strong, certain armor sets require the usage of particular abilities that cannot be performed while changed. You can always cast those abilities before changing, but they eventually wear off, and being in the werewolf form when you need to utilize one of your regular skills may be annoying. Fortunately, you may keep your werewolf ultimate on either your front or back bar to get an additional 15% stamina recovery benefit, and none of the other werewolf abilities take up any space since they only appear after you change. 

Since a werewolf, you’ll benefit the most from being a stamina-based DPS, as there aren’t as many critical abilities you’ll need to cast as a tank or healer.

You won’t be able to use a taunt while in werewolf form, thus the Tormentor set from the Banished Cells is a good option for werewolf tanks. You gain 3642 physical and spell resistance and taunt the opponent to attack you for 15 seconds whenever you do damage with a charge, leap, teleport, or pull ability. This is particularly useful with Pounce, especially its morph Brutal Pounce, since it counts as a jump and also does AOE damage, luring whole groups of people to attack you. Because regular tanks do not have access to AOE taunts, the tormentor set is the only one that can provide you with the benefit of teasing large groups of opponents fast.

A healer would be almost difficult to play as a magicka-based werewolf, which is a terrible disadvantage, but it wouldn’t make much sense lorewise to see a werewolf with a restoration staff either. 

Lycanthropy Cure 

Werewolf-Cure-1024x576 Werewolf-Cure-1024x576 Image credit: HGG/ZeniMax Online Studios

Before you go healing your Lycanthropy after following this ESO werewolf method, keep in mind that you may just remove the ultimate from your skill bars and it will no longer have any bad consequences. Unlike vampirism, Lycanthropy has no passives that impact you just by having the illness, thus there’s no need to get rid of it unless you want to become a vampire instead.

Prelate Sabinus, a member of the mages guild in the zones where you get Lycanthropy, offers you the opportunity to cure your Lycanthropy, similar to how you would cure vampirism. You will be healed after paying a modest price (it will cost 693 gold if you are completely leveled into CP).

Do not be concerned about losing skill points; any points spent on skills or passives will be restored. If you choose to take up Lycanthropy again, the experience on those leveled talents will stay, enabling you to become a werewolf with all of your skills already maxed out.

Unfortunately, ESO does not allow you to reactivate your Lycanthropy at any time, thus you’ll have to go through the exact steps you used to get it in the first place. There is also an option for the cure at the crown shop for 800 crowns, but because the cure is so simple to acquire elsewhere and for such a low price, we recommend skipping this choice. 

Suggestions for Werewolf Races and Classes

Werewolf-Not-Buffed-Human-Form-1-1024x576 Werewolf Not Buffed Human Form (1) Image credit: HGG/ZeniMax Online Studios

Werewolves excel at DPS-focused characters and are best at stamina characters. Tanking is also a viable option, especially if you utilize the Pack Leader ultimate and the Tormentor armor set to keep opponents taunted to you. For werewolves concentrating on DPS, races like Wood Elf (2000 stamina), Redguard (2000 stamina), Imperial (2000 stamina), Dark Elf (2000 stamina, 258 weapon damage), or Orc (2000 stamina, 258 weapon damage) are ideal (1000 stamina, 258 weapon damage).

Orcs are the recommended race in the ESO Werewolf Guide.

The greatest werewolf race, in my opinion, is the Orc.

Weapon damage, a modest stamina boost, 2125 health back every four seconds while doing damage, and a 10% enhanced sprint speed bonus, as well as a 12 percent cost reduction, combine to create a deadly and nimble hunter. You should choose Imperial or Nord for tanking because of their health and stamina advantages. 

Sorcerer is the recommended class in the ESO Werewolf Guide.

Many of the class passives are disabled when you don’t have them on your skill bar, making it impossible to choose a class for a werewolf. Sorcerer is the greatest choice since it has more passives that still influence your character in werewolf form.

The cost of ultimate abilities is reduced by 15% with Power Stone, which is extremely helpful for getting your costly werewolf ultimate off. All abilities’ Stamina and Magicka costs are reduced by Unholy Knowledge. Physical and shock damage are increased by 5% while you are energized. Amplitude raises the amount of damage you do to opponents by 1% for every 10% of their health they have. Finally, Capacitor boosts your magicka recovery by 10%, which comes in handy when casting Hircine’s Bounty.

All of these passives work together to make your werewolf form strike harder and allow you greater freedom to perform abilities without having to worry about running out of resources.

Werewolves in ESO: Current Situation (2021)

Werewolf-Buffed-1024x576 Werewolf-Buffed-1024x576 Image credit: HGG/ZeniMax Online Studios

Even though werewolves have been nerfed to have lower resistances and heal for less from Hircine’s Fortitude, they are still in a good position in the Flames of Ambition patch. Despite being nerfed, they remain very powerful in both PVE and PVP owing to their high damage, high defense, and ability to fight single targets as well as large groups of opponents with their varied kit.

Being able to completely function normally without utilizing the werewolf ultimate and then switching to using it when necessary may also be extremely useful depending on the circumstances. Because you don’t have to worry about negative passives while you’re not in werewolf form, you can more easily handle challenging circumstances without having to change your whole playstyle every time a difficult battle arises, like you would as a Vampire.

Despite the nerf, huge packs of werewolves are still likely to be seen in PVP, since their combined damage and favorable group passives to one another make them very strong in numbers.

Overall, lycanthropy in ESO is in good condition, although it should only be utilized when absolutely necessary. In the proper hands, it may be very effective in PVP and can assist speed up battles in PVE.

HighGroundGaming_highGroundView_br HighGroundGaming_highGroundView_br


When utilized properly, werewolves are a real threat, capable of fighting off huge groups in PVP and destroying wave after wave of opponents in PVE. After reading this ESO werewolf tutorial, we hope you can see for yourself.

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