Everspace 2 Demo Now Available

A demo for Eve V2 is now available on Steam. There are no new changes to the game, but it is still the same game you know and love. The demo includes the following systems: – Ship control with full ability to deploy mining drones, repair drones, deploy shields and turrets, and use your mining laser to dig up resources. – Mining laser – Simple mining laser system – Mining drones – Be aware that mining drones will take up a small amount of your ship’s energy supply, and that they will be destroyed just like mining lasers – Mining drones can also be used to repair your ship – Shields – Shields can be deployed in front of your ship’s hull to protect against enemy missiles

Everspace was one of the first games to inject real strategy into space combat, blending  simulation  with first  person combat  to create  a game  that  showed players  some of  the  real  strategic  and  piloting  challenges  involved  in  battle.  While Everspace  won  critical  praise  for  its  mature  design,  additional  sometime  was  necessary  to  make  the  game  fully  realistic;

When it comes to space-faring games, few developers have been as successful as Vlambeer. Its games, such as Nuclear Throne and Luftrausers, have received critical praise and sold millions of copies. Considering how good the studio is, it’s no surprise that its upcoming game Everspace 2 has been garnering attention. Not only does it look gorgeous, it’s also one of the most mechanically rich space-combat games we’ve seen in a long time.

Everspace-2-Demo-Gamers-Heroes Players will be able to play a new demo of ROCKFISH GAMES’ Everspace 2 beginning today, after a major upgrade to the Early Access edition of the game.

Players will be able to view a large part of Everspace 2’s initial star system in this demo. It will give you access to the first five major missions, as well as two side missions and a few chance encounters. Every asteroid field and outlaw base in the Ceto system’s first sector will be included, and saved games will be compatible with the Early Access edition. The player level in the demo is limited at level five.

Michael Schade, the CEO and co-founder of ROCKFISH Games, says:

“As a seasoned independent developer that is entirely self-funded, full openness with our fans has always been at the forefront of our communication. We have a very clear vision for the game our team is enthusiastic about creating, as we’ve said many times before, and we’re completely dedicated to the commitments we made in our Kickstarter campaign. However, we recognize that creating an arguably insanely pretty space game that draws inspiration from a variety of iconic space shooters as well as some of the most popular open-world ARPGs and looter-shooters may raise expectations far beyond our budget and capabilities as a small indie studio with a handful of highly skilled external contractors. So, despite the fact that we have over 90 weekly gamedev and community streams on our Twitch and YouTube channels where we show the latest EVERSPACE 2 dev build live in action and answer all sorts of burning questions from our community, we understand that the devil is in the details for some hardcore space sim aficionados. As a result, we’ve decided to offer a fresh demo that is based entirely on the most current Early Access version, allowing any space pilot on the fence about taking the plunge to check out our work without any strings attached.”

The demo may be downloaded from the Steam website here.

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Players will be able to delve into a new demo of ROCKFISH GAMES’ Everspace 2 beginning today, after a major upgrade to the Early Access edition of the game.


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Funcom, a developer of computer and video games, has put a demo for Everspace 2 online, allowing those who wish to play the space shooter to check it out.. Read more about everspace 2 download and let us know what you think.

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