How to Get Weapon Skins in Back 4 Blood

This week in the “Back 4 Blood” game, all your favorite weapons are being traded for their skins. If you do not have a weapon skin yet and want to get one before they’re gone forever, read on! You can use these steps any time during the weekend – simply make sure you enter each step at precisely 9am BST tomorrow.

Back 4 Blood is a new game that was released on October 26, 2018. It features an interesting gameplay and weapons system. The game has been getting mixed reviews so far, but it’s worth checking out if you’re interested in the genre. Read more in detail here: back 4 blood release date.

How to Get Weapon Skins in Back 4 Blood

With most games these days giving paid weapon skins, I automatically figured I’d have to pay for weapon skins in Back 4 Blood, but I was happily proven otherwise.

Back 4 Blood is the spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead, and although the gameplay is quite similar to the original, the user interface has changed somewhat, which took some getting used to.

Things get a bit clearer after you’ve made your way around the user interface and realized that you can access anything from the menu rather than running around Fort Hope.

In Back 4 Blood, where can you obtain weapon skins?

The weapon skins may be obtained and applied to your armory in two methods. The first is via Fort Hope, where you will see a quatermaster.


If you don’t want to constantly going to the quatermaster, you can just go to the menu and pick supply lines, from which you can view all the cards you can unlock.


But first, you’ll need supply points, which you may obtain after successfully completing a few missions. Supply points can be found in the upper right corner of the menu, as seen above.

The problem is that the Back 4 Blood skins are usually at the end of the supply lines, which means you’ll need a lot of supply points to unlock any cards before it.

As soon as you have enough, go back to the supply lines and unlock the skin you desire; whenever you’ve finished one, a new one will emerge, allowing you to progress to new cards and skins.


Charictar skins are also included in the supply lines, allowing you to concentrate on unlocking some fantastic new costumes for your favorite charictars as well as their firearms.

Get out there and slaughter some zombies in style now that you know how to earn weapon skins in Back 4 Blood.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you unlock weapon skins in back for blood?

A: There are three ways to unlock weapon skins in back for blood. The first way is through playing the game and earning experience points, levelling up your characters level will grant you a chance at getting a free weapon skin. The second option is by exchanging 3 diamonds for one of any rarity or more rarer weapons with no limit on how many you can buy. Lastly, if this isnt enough time sink to satisfy your need for increasing levels of customization, there is also an opportunity where players who have participated in tournaments during the week get DOUBLE XP every day after being DOUBLED out at 4pm PST!

How do you get weapon skins DRG?

A: I cannot answer that question.

What is the rarest Arsenal weapon skin?

A: The rarest Arsenal weapon skin is the Blade Master. Only one was ever created and it has yet to be sold in-game or auctioned off for cash like the other four skins found with only that single version of this weapon available.

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