New World’s Thanksgiving weekend rollback cost some players days of trading

As the Thanksgiving holiday weekend approached, many players were not ready for a huge change in the game. The community was already frustrated with how difficult it is to make money on this new release. Players found out that thousands of dollars worth of trading activity would disappear overnight as all trades from midnight Friday were reversed back to their original accounts.,

This year’s “New World’s Thanksgiving weekend” was a disaster for some players. The company rolled back the server and caused many people to lose days of trading. This is not the first time this has happened, so it may happen again in the future.


One may have thought that Amazon might get New World back in shape in time for the developers to have a happy Thanksgiving, but that was not to be. As we covered over the weekend, New World’s unexpected burst of generosity in the monetary department went a little too far, causing the EU servers to go down and requiring a reset.

The studio was ultimately able to repair the trade post itself on Saturday. “On November 24th at 12:45PM CET (the rollback time for the impacted servers), we will endeavor to restore the trading post to its previous condition,” Game Director Scot Lane told players that evening. “The scripts will take many hours to finish since there is a substantial quantity of data involved.” Even if you can’t buy, trade, or delete them, you may see objects beginning to emerge at the trading post. The trade post will be unlocked after the script has been created and tested. The trade post will have to be restarted before it can be turned back on.”

Fortunately, the trading post is again operational, although the partial outage caused the trading post to be unavailable for many days, causing play to be disrupted throughout the holiday weekend. Regrettably, the game’s Reddit has already reverted to whining about the rebalanced experience.


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