WoW Shadowlands Jewelcrafting Leveling Guide (1-100)

If you’re new to World of Warcraft and haven’t yet attempted to level your Jewelcrafting skill, we’ve made it easy for you. This is a short and concise guide that will help you develop your skill to the fullest and become the master at jewelcrafting you want to be. The guide is broken down into three sections. The first is a general introduction to World of Warcraft, the second contains links to the various profession specific sites and the third is a brief list of links to the various Raids and Dungeon’s in World of Warcraft.

In this guide, I will be explaining how to level from 1 to 100 in Shadowlands Jewelcrafting if you are a complete newb to this profession, or if you are a level 70+ Jewelcrafter who wants to level from 1-100 as quickly as possible.

This guide will take you through leveling your character from 1 to 100 in WoW Shadowlands Jewelcrafting. It’s designed to be quick and easy to read, and I’ll do my best to answer any questions you may have along the way.

It’s extremely gratifying to adorn oneself with the finest jewels, ripped from the ground and fashioned into beautiful pieces of art. Even more so when you march through the streets, thumbing your nose at the peasants who dare to gaze at your gleaming jewelry.

Jewelcrafting, bourgeois snobbery aside, enables you to infuse stat-boosting jewels into your armor and make infused rings and necklaces. Jewelcrafters’ work is in high demand, since gamers are always looking for greater power. Even in the afterlife, there is no rest.

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We’ll go through the quickest and most effective methods to level your Jewelcrafting profession in Shadowlands in today’s WoW Jewelcrafting tutorial. You’ll be outfitted in the best jewelry and ready to work with any stone.

Jewelcrafting levels in retail is extremely easy when compared to Classic WoW. The variety of gems and crafting materials required has been decreased, and acquiring the jewels necessary is quite simple.

Getting Started with WoW Jewelcrafting

To begin, you must be at least level 50 in order to study any Shadowlands profession. 

Hall-of-Shapes-1024x576 Hall of Shapes CC BY-SA 3.0 + Fandom through Blizzard Entertainment

To learn WoW Jewelcrafting in Shadowlands, go to the Hall of Shapes in Oribos’ northwest quarter and talk with Appraiser Au’vesk.

Mining is a good skill to learn if you want a constant supply of ores to explore and work with, but it isn’t required in this expansion since ore prices have dropped dramatically with the introduction of flying.

Keep an eye out for Distributor Au’kharn, who is standing close. He’s the jewelcrafting materials merchant, and you’ll be stopping by for reagents on a regular basis.

Reagents for Jewelcrafting

The number of gems required to level up is extremely minimal when compared to prior expansions. This time around, there are just three basic gems, making this a much easier WoW Jewelcrafting tutorial! If you want to make the legendary items, you’ll need zone-specific ores and particular Essences.


Prospecting ore will yield gems at random.

  • The fundamental red/yellow/blue gems are Angerseye/Oriblase/Umbryl.


Prospecting respective zone-ore or Laestrite/Elethium Ore (Low/High probability) yields essence.

  • Valor Essence is made mostly from Solenium Ore. (Bastion)
  • The essence of servitude is derived mostly from Oxxein Ore. (Maldraxxus)
  • Rebirth Essence – mainly made from Phaedrum Ore (Ardenweald)
  • Torment’s Essence – mainly made from Sinvyr Ore (Revendreth)

Items from the vendor

These are your typical reagents for making.

  • Setting of Laestrite – used to make stat gems that may be socketed into your gear. 
  • Malleable Wire is a kind of wire that is used to make high-end necklaces and rings. 
  • Orboreal Shard — only utilized in the creation of Legendary armor. They’re a little pricey. 

Because the market is typically saturated with simple stones, we suggest just purchasing them. To reach skill level 100, you’ll need a little quantity of ore, but the cost is extremely low. 

Otherwise, you’ll need to perform some mining in each zone to get their unique mineral. We highly advise you to learn to fly before mining all of the minerals you’ll need.

The essences aren’t required for getting to 100 Jewelcrafting, therefore you don’t need them unless you want to level your legendary crafting (more on that later).

Leveling Jewelcrafting in World of Warcraft (WoW) from 1 to 100

Mining-Ore-1024x721 Mining Ore Image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment and HGG.

The sections below are intended to bring you reach level 100 as quickly as possible. It requires no reputation-locked recipes and solely utilizes recipes acquired through the Jewelcrafting trainer. 

You will need the following items in total:

  • Umbryl (28 x)
  • Oriblase (80 x)
  • 30 Angerseye Angerseye Angerseye Angerseye Angerseye
  • Setting 78 x Laestrite
  • 30 strands of malleable wire
  • Laestrite Ore (40 x)
  • Oxxein Ore (44 x)
  • Sinvyr Ore (Sinvyr) (Sinvyr) (Sinvy
  • 10 x Multi-Use Jewel Doublets (all crafted during level up process)
  • Doublet of Quick Jewels (Quick Jewel) (Quick Jewel) (Quick Jewel) (Qu (all crafted during level up process)
  • Cluster of 16 Deadly Jewels (15 crafted during level up process)
  • Cluster of Quick Jewels (44 pieces) (5 crafted during level up process)

And here’s how to get started on your adventure from level 1 to level 100:

Levels Recipe Reagents
1 – 15 Jewel Doublet is a versatile piece. Setting: 28x Umbryl 28x Laestrite
15 – 30 Quick Jewel Doublet Setting 30x Oriblase 30x Laestrite
30 – 35 Laestrite Band is a versatile stone that may be used in a variety of ways. 10x Laestrite Ore 10x Versatile Jewel Doublet
35 – 50 Laestrite Choker in a Hurry 30x Laestrite Ore 15x Quick Jewel Doublet
50 – 65 Cluster of Deadly Jewels Angerseye 30x Setting 30x Oriblase 15x Laestrite
65 – 70 Quick Jewel Cluster Setting 20x Oriblase 5x Laestrite
70 – 78 Sinvyr Ring of Death Cluster of 16 Deadly Jewels 8x Malleable Wire 16x Sinvyr Ore
78 – 100 Oxxein Ring in a Flash 22x Malleable Wire 44x Quick Jewel Cluster 44x Oxxein Ore

Making Legendary Armor is a time-consuming process.

We’ll tell it like it is. Don’t bother with legendary pieces if you’re just getting started with our WoW Jewelcrafting tutorial. 

The resources required to achieve the highest crafting level (Rank 4) for a legendary armor piece are enormous. It will almost certainly cost you at least a million gold to get there. You’re better off purchasing the item through an auction house.

If you’re serious about having your name engraved as the maker on each item of jewelry, you’ll have to start by releasing the Runecarver from Torghast. He’ll offer you a quest item to turn in to the Jewelcrafting trainer in Oribos after you’ve done so. You will get the recipe for the legendary ring and neck piece at level 1 if you do so.

Trainers-1024x485 Trainers Image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment and HGG.

To progress a rank, you must create the legendary item 15 times at its current greatest level (total of 45 pieces). That may not seem to be a big deal until you understand that the higher you rank, the more resources you’ll require. Worse, there’s hardly no market for lower-rank legendaries, so go ahead and waste all that money.

If you get a legendary item to Rank 4, you’ll need the Vestige of Origination formula to go to Rank 6 (we’re bypassing Rank 5 since it’s a waste of resources). You must be Honored with the Death’s Advance faction in Korthia to use this recipe. 

It doesn’t take long to reach the reputation requirement, but the Vestige itself needs 40 Korthite Crystals, which are acquired randomly through Korthia’s actions. Thankfully, as more players achieve legendary level 6, the price of Korthite Crystals is beginning to drop.

The expenses of making these components mount up rapidly, and the market for them is dwindling even faster. You won’t make any money unless you’re attempting to prepare for patch 9.2 (which is doubtful given that we have no clue what Blizzard intends to do with professions).

Recipes for Important Jewelcrafting

Jewelcrafting-Recipes Jewelcrafting Recipes Blizzard Entertainment is the creator of this image.

What masterpiece should you create now that you’ve followed our WoW Jewelcrafting tutorial to max out your Jewelcrafting?

To be honest, you only make Jewel Clusters to give your armor a +16 boost to a particular stat. This is, of course, provided that your gear has a gem socket. 

The most of the time, you only make gems when you and your companions need them. Because the market is so flooded with them, making any profit is almost impossible.

Once you reach Tier 4 with the Archivists’ Codex reputation, it may be worth obtaining the Crafter’s Mark of the Chained Isle recipe from Archivist Roh-Suir. If you create one of these, you may use it to increase the iLvL of another item of gear by using it in the manufacturing process. 

You can only equip one item of gear created with stated Crafter’s Mark at a time. This implies you won’t be able to cheat the system and make a full set of 230 gear. To guarantee that the piece of gear you desire comes out with the stat line you want, you’ll want to get precise stat missives from Inscriptionists.

Other noteworthy recipes in Korthia include the Porous/Shaded Stone Statue and the Porous/Shaded Stone Statue. These statues may be created and placed on the ground to offer temporary healing, although they do have a cooldown like certain other restoration items. Relic Caches and Riftbound Caches both include recipes that may be looted at random.

Transmogrifications for Jewelcrafting

Unfortunately, Jewelcrafting can only produce one transmogable item in this expansion. It is, nevertheless, noteworthy for its large blue gem-studded crown! The formula for the Crown of the Righteous may be found in the Cloudwalker’s Coffer, a treasure cache in Bastion.

Transmog-Chest-1024x576 Transmog Chest Image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment and HGG.

It’s on a floating platform in the zone’s extreme northwestern corner. The simplest way to go there is to get flying and fly there. You’ll have to bounce your way through the air currents created by huge surrounding flowers if you don’t want to.

Enjoy your crown; you’ve worked hard for it.

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That concludes our WoW Jewelcrafting guide! We hope it helped you plan out your leveling journey and what you want to get out of the career. Subscribing to our newsletter will keep you updated on upcoming career guides.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fastest way to level up jewelcrafting?

The fastest way to level up jewelcrafting is by using the following methods: -Using a gemcutters prism, which will allow you to craft gems at double speed. -Crafting jewels with the best possible stats for your character. -Crafting jewels with the highest possible quality rating.

Is Jewelcrafting profitable in Shadowlands?

Jewelcrafting is not profitable in Shadowlands.

Is Jewelcrafting useful in Shadowlands?

Jewelcrafting is a crafting profession that allows you to create jewelry using gems. It is not currently useful in Shadowlands, but it may be in the future.

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